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It is important to get the right kids headphones for your children especially if it is something they are going to be wearing a lot. It is well documented that listening to loud sounds regularly over a period of time can damage childrens ears when they grow up.

But fear not because here at kids headphones we give you the best advice and information about headphones that are specifically designed for kids of all ages from toddlers to teenagers.

It is important that headphones for children especially young children are safe and have safety features implemented so you don't have to worry about your children and you know that even when they are listening to music through their headphones they arent doing any damage to their hearing.

Best Kids Headphones


Best Kids Headphones
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The best kids headphones that you can buy are the Griffin MyPhones Kids Headphones - these are perfect for younger kids and they are the safest you can buy online.

They feature a maximum limit of 85 Decibels - which is the proven safe limit for younger children, any sounds over 85 decibels can permanently damage your child's ear drums!

Most kids headphones have a limit you can set yourself however with these having the built in limit you can rest easy when your child is listening to music or watching a DVD leaving you to get on with the house work!

Whats more these kids headphones feature customizable plates that you children can draw on and design their own unique look  to the headphones.

These headphones are definitely our top pick for young children and has 5 stars out of 5 from Amazon customers.

Get these kids headphones for only 14.97 from 

Our next highest rated product is the JVC Tiny Headphones for Kids which come in both Blue and Pink.

These kids headphones are great because they feature a volume limiter, like the headphones above, although in this case you can set the highest maximum volume yourself.

This is a must have feature for younger children as you do not want to risk damaging their hearing by having the volume up to loud.

These Kids headphones get 4 out of 5 stars from Amazon customers so dont just take our word for it!

Get these great Kids Headphones from for only 17.78

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"I didn't realise the need for safe headphones designed specifically for children until I came to this site. Thankfully after reading your information and buying the headphones you recommended my child can listen to his favourite music safely."
Susan, Glasgow

"I was looking for ages trying to find a pair of headphones for my 3 year old toddler - it wasnt until I came to this site that I was able to get a great pair of headphones that fit him perfectly. Thank You!"
John, Birmingham

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